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DM PN19-1-1

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Customer Benefits

The Camtronics Repair Specifications (RS) create a highly cost-effective repair solution in comparison with new OEM antenna replacement. The FAA/DER approved repair virtually eliminates BER rates whilst achieving consistent performance and reliability.

Technical Synopsis

The RS comprises four primary features; pattern testing, radome repair, connector repair and ground plane replacement/repair.

The primary failure of a Radio antenna can be attributed to corrosion as a result of moisture intrusion in the area of the connector and ground plane (antenna housing). Inadequate sealing between the antenna and fuselage and / or radome damage are the primary contributors to moisture intrusion.

  1. Pattern Testing - Using state-of-the-art-equipment and technology, the antenna receives full array pattern testing to determine faults and / or proper functionality. The antenna is tested at multiple azimuth / elevation settings using a certified anechoic chamber and reference antenna. All radiating elements are tested to determine gain /pattern adequacy.
  2. Radome - The radome is an aerodynamic composite component which protects the antenna PCB and radiating features. As a result of normal service life, the radome can exhibit surface damage and / or cracking between the radome and ground plane/plate, thus creating the opportunity for moisture intrusion which negatively affects the overall performance of the antenna. Faults such as erosion, surface imperfections, minor cracking and damaged surface coatings are repaired. This repair extends the service life of the radome and minimizes the potential for moisture intrusion.
  3. Connector - Faults attributed to damaged pins, threads, mounting hardware and grounding lug damage are repaired in accordance with the RS. Camtronics also offers complete connector replacement on selected antenna part numbers.
  4. Ground Plane - The antenna ground plane will often exhibit both internal and external corrosion attributed to moisture and / or environmental operating conditions. The Camtronics RS includes removal of corrosion and / or complete ground plane replacement on selected part numbers.


The various Camtronics Radio Altimeter antenna repair programs create a reliable, cost-effective and quality repair for air carriers, operators and aircraft owners worldwide. The Repair Specification(s) afford the customer the opportunity to reduce maintenance cost whilst improving MTBF (mean time before failure) expectations. The RS and associated Engineering Substantiation documentation is available for review upon request. FAA approval documents (form 8110-3) are accessible by selecting the link listed in the above table.

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We are an Accessory Class 1, 2 and 3, and limited radio, instrument and emergency equipment rated Part 145 repair station. Camtronics offers a wide variety of DER repairs designed to reduce cost and improve reliability. The core business of Camtronics involves repair of antennas, actuation, electro-mechanical components, heat transfer, galley, lavatory, and fluid systems components on most aircraft platforms.

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